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Blomsterlandet offers a wide range of plants, flowers and other related home and garden products. The company offers both online and in-store shopping at the chain's 54 stores.

Blomsterlandet combines knowledge, service and commitment to provide customers with an inspiring experience. Purchases are often made directly from the grower, with no middleman involved. Consequently the selection is both affordable and of high quality. Blomsterlandet strives to work as far as possible with locally owned and grown Swedish plants.

Head office: Mölnlycke/Göteborg
CEO: Jan Larsson
Chair of the Board: Johan Wester
Sales: 1 581 MSEK
Employees: 630
Stena Adactum’s holdings: 100 %
Investment year: 2004
Investment responsibility: Johan Wester
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Norrland 6
Stockholm 11
Mitt 9
Söder 8
Väst 10
Öst 9