Investment year

Envac AB

Envac is the global market leader in the automated waste collection industry. We help create smarter and more sustainable cities by providing environmentally friendly systems for efficient resource recovery.

The immediate effects when changing from manual collection to Envac’s system are that heavy traffic and emissions can be reduced by up to 90%, the street environment becomes more quiet and the waste disposal procedure cleaner and safer for the user.

Envac developed and launched the pneumatic system in the early 1960-ies. Today it is used all over the world in city centres, residential areas, hospitals and at airports. For coming generations Envac’s technology will be a matter of course. Waste transportation is removed from the streets to an underground pipe network and becomes a part of the urban infrastructure, like electricity, water and sewage. The systems are self-learning and equipped with artificial intelligence for optimisation of operation and energy consumption.

The optical sorting plants are advanced systems for cost efficient collection and sorting of household waste. The technology is based on households sorting their waste in different coloured bags that are disposed of in one single bin. This way, existing collection method remains and collection costs are optimised. In the sorting plant the bags are optically separated according to colour by a pusher unit. The sorted materials are then ready to be recovered in biogas production, or transformed into new plastic products.

Envac AB, with head office in Stockholm, Sweden, have subsidiaries and offices in 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Head office: Stockholm
CEO: Joakim Karlsson
Chair of the Board: Christer Öjdemark
Sales: 1 434 MSEK
Employees: 710
Stena Adactum’s holdings: 100 %
Investment year: 2005
Investment responsibility: Anders Wassberg
Website : www.envacgroup.com

North Europe 43.0
South Europe & Americas 10.9
Korea & Australia 23.1
China 6.6
South East Asia 4.6
Middle East & India 11.9