Capital 29 % Votes 29%



Investment year


Midsona makes it easier for people to live a healthy life. The group is currently one of the leaders in the Nordic region in organic foods, health foods and self-care products.

Midsona develops and markets strong brands in health and well-being. These brands include Kung Markatta, Urtekram, Friggs and Naturdiet. Its primary market is the Nordic region and Europe. Midsona’s brands shall rank first or second in their categories and be available in channels with strong growth potential. Midsona’s brand portfolio is under constant development to even better meet existing and new trends. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange Mid Cap list.

Head office: Malmö
CEO: Peter Åsberg
Chair of the Board: Ola Erici
Sales: 2 852 MSEK
Stena Adactum’s holdings: Capital 29 % Votes 29 %
Investment year: 2004
Investment responsibility: Johan Wester
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  Country Percent
Sweden 41
Norway 21
Finland 8
Denmark 15
Germany 15