The Board

Dan Sten Olsson


Dan Sten Olsson has served as Chief Executive Officer and a director of Stena AB since 1983. Mr Olsson also serves as a member or a chairman of the board of a majority of the main companies in the Stena Sphere. Mr Olsson has been employed by Stena AB since 1972.

Anders Jansson

Board member

Anders Jansson has served as a board member in Stena Adactum AB since 2003. Anders Jansson is the former CEO and President of Stena Metall AB as well as a board member in Stena Drilling and a member of the Stena Sphere Coordination Group.

Göran Barsby

Board member

Göran Barsby has served as a board member of Stena Adactum AB since 2021. Göran Barsby is also a Chairman of the board in director of Holms Intressenter AB, Willio AB and CityMail Sweden AB. Göran Barsby has been a board member of AudioDev AB, Time Care AB, Toolex Int. N.V. and Charman of the Board of Enklare Ekonomi AB, INR AB and Chairman and founder of Kungshagens Montessoriskola.

Johan Malmquist

Board member

Johan Malmquist has been a member of Stena Adactum AB since 2017. He is also Chairman of Getinge AB and Arjo AB and a board member of Elektra AB, Mölnlycke Health Care AB, Dunkerstiftelserna, Stena Adactum, Trelleborg AB and Stiftelsen Chalmers Tekniska Högskola.

Bo Wahlström

Board member

Bo Wahlström has been a member of Stena Adactum AB since 2011 and he is also a member of GHP Specialty Care AB and chairman of the board of Ryholm Förvaltning AB. Bo Wahlström has a background as a Board member of Nordiska Fondkommission AB, Digital Illusions AB, Telelogic AB, Song Networks AB and he is a member of Stenas Sfärråd as well as boardmember for a number of unlisted companies.