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Ballingslöv International

Ballingslöv International is a leading provider of kitchen and bathroom furnishings and storage systems. Its primary markets are Scandinavia and the UK.

Ballingslöv International’s mission is to create exciting home environments for everyone. The group has a well-balanced mix of brands ranging from the trendy and economical to the unique and exclusive. These brands include Ballingslöv AB – one of the major Scandinavian players in kitchens, bathrooms and storage, Danish Kvik, a trendy challenger in the low-price segment, and the Group’s most exclusive brand, Multiform A/S. Specialized stores and building supply chains comprise the main distribution channel.

Head office: Malmö
CEO: Björn Hauber
Chair of the Board: Anders Wassberg
Sales: 3 929 MSEK
Employees: 1376
Stena Adactum’s holdings: 100 %
Investment year: 2002
Investment responsibility: Anders Wassberg
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  Company Percent
Ballingslöv 25
Kvik 45
Multiform 2
Paula Rosa Manhattan 10
JKE Design 8
DFI-Geisler 10