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Gunnebo AB

Gunnebo AB is a world-leading group that provides security products, services and solutions.

Gunnebo AB has its own companies in 28 countries and a presence in an additional 100 markets. Their products and services include cash management, alarm and access control systems, entrance security, safes and vaults, as well as security-related consulting and services. Its customers include banks, retail, and facilities that require high-security protection. The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange Mid Cap list.

Head office: Göteborg
CEO: Stefan Syrén
Chair of the Board: Martin Svalstedt
Sales: 5 128 MSEK
Employees: 4 449
Stena Adactum’s holdings: 26 %
Investment year: 2003
Investment responsibility: Martin Svalstedt
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  Business unit Percent
Safe Storage 36
Integrated Security 23
Cash Management 21
Entrance Control 20