We are an investment company with a long-term strategy and vast combined experience. Our team works with everything from entrepreneurs to listed companies within many different areas. We aim to create long-term and sustainable business, without a predetermined investment horizon. We believe this creates the flexibility needed to build strong, growing and profitable companies for generations to come.

We invest with responsibility and respect for the competence found within the company. We are an active partner in our companies, with purpose to develop and strengthen the business.

We invest with responsibility


To us sustainability is essential for long-term value creation. By acting sustainably, our portfolio companies will be able to offer their customers competitive products and services, thereby creating outstanding long-term profitability. Our portfolio companies are transparent in their sustainability development and are focusing on continued development which contributes to resource efficiency and reduced emissions.

Stena Adactum has more influence on sustainability questions in their wholly owned companies when it comes to strategies and reporting. In the part owned and listed companies Stena Adactum will influence through their active ownership with the operational responsibility and decisions regarding sustainability strategies, their completion and reporting lay with the board and management of each company.

To us it is obvious, in all of our companies, to contribute with support of the local communities where we are operational. To enable us to grow sustainably the communities where we are active needs to do the same. We also see the importance to offer consideration and support to our employees, customers and suppliers. These are the foundations for the sustainable development within Stena Adactum and our portfolio companies.


Growth in generations

In 1939, Sten Allan Olsson founded Handelsbolaget Sten A Olsson Metallprodukter, which laid the foundation for what is today the Stena Sphere. Since its inception, Stena has developed into an international Group with operations in large parts of the world. The Stena Sphere includes the three wholly owned parent companies Stena AB, Stena Sessan AB and Stena Metall AB, as well as their wholly and partly owned subsidiaries. Together they comprise one of Sweden’s largest family-owned corporate groups.

The investment company Stena Adactum was founded in the early 2000s to diversify the Stena sphere beyond the traditional business areas of the Group and to contribute to increased value growth.
The first major shareholdings acquired were in Ballingslöv International and Gislaved Folie. Already in 2003 Stena Adactum was involved in the restructuring of Song Networks, which came to be a significant acquisition, providing a solid investment platform through TDC’s buyout of the company in 2004.
Stena Adactum acquired Blomsterlandet and a major stake in Midsona.
Envac was acquired, Gunnebo Industrier was spun off on the OMX, at the same time that Stena Renewable was started and received a permit for its first wind park. Envac, Stena Renewable and Gunnebo all remain among the portfolio companies. This is a consequence of Stena Adactum’s strategy to pursue long-term ownership and develop its portfolio companies for sustainable value growth.
Stena Adactum further increased its holdings in both Gunnebo and Ballingslöv. In 2008 Ballingslöv was bought out from the stock exchange and the remaining shares were finally acquired in 2010.
A 45-percent stake in the Mediatec Group was acquired, at the same time that the holdings in Gislaved folie were sold. Over the following years, Stena Adactum increased its holdings in Mediatec, which then became a subsidiary and a major restructuring process was carried out. The company was divided into two business areas, Mediatec Broadcast and Mediatec Solutions. Both companies were sold to NEP in 2015.
Stena Adactum participates in Midsona and Gunnebo rights issue.
Decision re. investment programme of 2bn SEK in Stena Renewable.
Aquisition of a major stake in Svedbergs Group and Captum Group offering payment solutions is founded.
Stena Adactum aquire Beijer Electronics Group from Stena Sessan.
Stena Adactum, AMF and KLP start partnership to develop Stena Renewable into a industrial windpower company.
Alecta aquire 20% in Stena Renewable to jointly together with Stena Adactum, AMF and KLP continue development of Stena Renewable into a green energy company.

Stena Adactum pass mandatory bid threshold in Svedbergs Group and aquire Norska Plantehallen AS. With this aquisition Stena Adactum establish themselves on the Norwegian market within Garden Centers.

Stena Adactum divested 100% of the shares in Captum to Lea Bank.