Swedish companies with international potential

Our mission is to create new business areas for Stena. We do this through long-term investments and an active engagement in companies where we see a high potential for growth and profitability.

We build strong sustainable companies through an active ownership with customised strategies through the company’s board. We believe our success is built on our values and culture where customised leadership with care, innovation and efficient working is the core. The companies are run with clearly delegated working structures and strategies which are built based on the customer.

Our ambition is that the value of our investments shall double every five years. This requires a long-term commitment, during which we build strong companies.



Long-term investment

We have vast industrial knowledge, however we are not locked in to specific business areas. Our acquistions are based on reasonable valuations. Our focus is primarily on Swedish companies with an international business, or with an international potential. We invest long-term and without an exit horizon. We support acquisitions and expansion investments within our portfolio companies.

Our investment criteria is that the company needs to have a turnover of atleast one billion SEK, a positive cashflow, well established organisation, a wide customer base and a management with proven merits. The company should also be in a good market with stable organic growth and offer possibility for acquisitions. The company should be a strong brand in a leading position geographically or nisch area. It’s a given that the companies we invest in are sustainable and ethical.

We do not invest in:

  • Venture Capital
  • Indirect ownership
  • Consultancy firms with strong dependency on personnel.
  • Biotech/Life science
  • Turn-arounds


We help our companies achieve their potential

Successful companies have one thing in common. They are saturated with business acumen and have a strong and competent management. As an active owner with a long-term engagement in our companies we are working towards having these conditions within all of our portfolio companies. We also help by supporting the boards with corporate governance, organisation, finance, strategies as well as acquisition analysis. We also take part in defining strategies with focus on growth, profitability and determine business goals. A clear vision, business concept and strategies will lead to long-term profitability.

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Henrik Munthe

Investment Director


Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Gothenburg. Previous position in Corporate Finance at Enskilda Securities. Worked at Stena Adactum since 2002. Worked in Singapore within Stena Sphere 2008-2009. Boardmember in SR Energy  and DMC.