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Altor and Stena Adactum announce a recommended offer to the shareholders of Gunnebo

This announcement is not an offer, whether directly or indirectly, in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand or South Africa or in any other jurisdiction where such offer pursuant to legislation and regulations in such relevant jurisdiction would be prohibited by applicable law. Shareholders not resident in Sweden who wish to accept the Offer (as defined below) must make inquiries concerning applicable legislation and possible tax consequences. Shareholders should refer to the offer restrictions included in the section titled "Important information" at the end of this announcement and in the offer document which will be published shortly before the beginning of the acceptance period for the Offer. Shareholders in the United States should also refer to the section titled "Special notice to shareholders in the United States" at the end of this announcement.

Altor and Stena Adactum, through GB HoldCo announced a recommended public offer to the shareholders of Gunnebo. The shares in Gunnebo are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap.

For more information about the offer, please visit