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Stena Renewable AB

Stena Renewable’s mission is to build, own and manage profitable wind power parks. The long-term investments are part of the shift toward climate-friendly energy production.

Stena Renewable currently owns and manages 96 wind turbines that produce more than 650 million kWh of energy. That is enough to meet the household needs of the city of Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden! The reduction of carbon dioxide is equivalent to the emissions from more than 250,000 cars annually, or 5 percent of the total car fleet in Sweden. Wind power is currently the fastest-growing renewable energy source in Sweden, quite simply because it is the most cost-effective electricity production method. In addition, wind power plays a major role in achieving the EU objective that 20 percent of energy should come from renewable energy sources by 2020.

Head office: Göteborg
CEO: Peter Zachrisson
Chair of the Board: Martin Svalstedt
Sales: 189 MSEK
Employees: 14
Stena Adactum’s holdings: 100 %
Investment year: 2005
Investment responsibility: Martin Svalstedt
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SE2 5
SE3 37
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